Simple. We need to minimize the crowding here at the Photo Store due to social distancing and the guidelines set forth by the state. Allowing you to view and save photos off-site will help us achieve this while minimizing the wait time in the Photo Store.
You will NEED a laptop, either MAC, PC, or Chromebook. This will NOT work from your phone, tablet or iPad. Repeat, this will NOT work from your phone, tablet or iPad. If you are using a MAC make sure you are running Safari, Firefox or Chrome browser. If you are using a PC make sure you are running Chrome, FireFox or Microsoft Edge.
No worries. Our Photo Store will be open for you, but you may experience some wait times as we will be minimizing the amount of customers allowed in at any given time.
Your photos will be available to view about an hour after your game and will ONLY be available during the week that you are playing here. The photos will be removed at 11AM on Friday, the last day of your event. The photos WILL NOT be available off-site after this time so please make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before then.
No, you will need to come back to the Photo Store and see our cashiers to pay for your order by 11AM on Friday. We do this so we can verify the photos you selected are best suited for the products being purchased. This helps us control quality. When you come into the Photo Store go straight to the cashier and tell them you checked out off-site and simply need to pay. We will expedite the process for you as best we can.
Yes, absolutely! Just make sure you log in with the same cellphone number at all times.
You should send us an email to info@glossyfinish.com and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP. Along with your question be sure to tell us your location and event. Example: Ripken Myrtle Beach - Ocean Breeze
It’s easy. Just go to... RIPKENPHOTOS.COM